Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Today’s Time

What if you are facing criminal charges? What will you do in your defense? The Scenarios can be different, you can be engaged in a crime unintentionally or you are dragged in such a situation where you find yourself trapped in a crime. Whatever the reason is, once you know you are in any of this tough situation, the first thought which comes to your mind is to hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court to defend and prevent a conviction. So hiring a good Criminal defense lawyer is a challenge. Jeff Ifrah a leading criminal defense lawyer representing some facts to analysis the role of a criminal defense lawyer in today’s time.

The image of the defense criminal lawyer in today’s time is more likely that they defend the guilty. This assumption about the defense criminal lawyer surely leaves a question on their image. A qualified defense lawyer has the duty to defend your rights if you are facing any criminal charges. An experienced criminal defense lawyer could meet the challenge to protect your rights in the court and take the time to obtain all the vital information about your criminal case.

The foremost role of the defense lawyer is to protect the Rights of the Accused.

According to Jeff Ifrah, Defense Criminal lawyer protects the rights of the accused and try to prove you innocent.  The first and the crucial key to defending the case is to make the right evaluation of your case in order to produce the results that genuinely satisfy the clients. The main motto of the criminal defense lawyers is to defend your rights against any criminal charges. Criminal defense lawyer ensures that the accused should get all the rights to remain silent, legal counsel, speedy and public trials, despite obstacles, barriers, and roadblocks that come in the way of getting fair justice.

The other main objective of Defense Criminal lawyer is to defend the not guilty.

When you face criminal charges, the prosecutor also tends to wrongly accuse the innocent. The defense criminal lawyer job comes more vital here and with the independent investigations into the crime can lead to a fair trial, Guilty or not. Usually during the pretrial period, accused are kept in the city or county jails, but they can be released on bail and they give the assurance to appear in the court at the right time. Challenging the prosecutors to defend the rights of the clients is the major responsibility of the criminal defense lawyer.

Yes, it’s true!! Criminal Defense Lawyer also defend the Guilty

You must be astonished, but yes, Criminal defense lawyer represents the guilty. There are the situations when a criminal defense lawyer represents facilitated the release of the guilty person when they know that the accused is not guilty.

Jeff Ifrah emphasis on the fact that an experienced and qualified criminal lawyer never cut ties with the client even if the trial is over. To provide the right justice to their clients is the utmost responsibility of every defense criminal lawyer.


Interactive Gaming Attorney

The Internet seems to be an utmost tool in online gaming for operatives to disseminate their gaming business worldwide. With an international range of the Internet, operatives find it elementary to feast their approach overseas, that`s difficult in brick-and-mortar casinos. Adding to that, an overhead cost associated with opening and maintaining an online business is a key advantage as compared to that associated with land-based casinos.

The growing usage of the internet in interactive gaming threatened borders and laws of many countries and states which in turn sought to ban online gaming.

Interactive Gaming

It is a practice of playing gambling games through communication technology that enable individuals to – utilize money, checks, electronic checks, electronic transfers of money, credit cards, debit cards or any other instrumentality, conveys information in the placing of a bet or wager, and corresponding information related to the game, game results or other similar information.

Interactive Gaming Attorney Jeff Ifrah

Jeff Ifrah – iGaming

Jeff Ifrah’s legal skills and record of success has entitled him a white-collar criminal defense lawyer and litigator. In 2016, he was recognized by Chambers USA as a foremost lawyer for Gaming & Licensing. Jeff Ifrah is expertise in defending online operators in class action lawsuits and has represented many major iGaming companies, including online poker sites PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Also, a non-profit organization – Interactive Gaming Council that represents iGaming companies across countries all over the globe

With the helping hands of his team, Jeff Ifrah advises – online casino operators, poker and fantasy sports sites, and payment processors on class action lawsuits, mergers and acquisitions, vendor and supplier issues, government investigations and criminal matters. In addition to that, Ifrah is also prominent for representing clients in cases involving – progressive areas of the gaming industry, such as sports betting, social gaming, skins betting, iGaming, online sweepstakes and lotteries, peer-to-peer betting and mobile gaming.

The Launches of Ifrah On iGaming

On April 15, 2017, a leading U.S. Internet gaming law firm, launched the blog

The new blog house includes content related to poker, sports betting, mobile gaming, sweepstakes and lottery, casino gaming and fantasy sports. Produced by legal experts, the blog constitutes the definitive legal news source for U.S. iGaming. Alongside, it offers insightful analysis on recent iGaming news and up-to-date gaming regulatory information.